This One Paint Color Can Increase The Value Of Your Home

When selling your house, it is to your best advantage to have it looking as neat, clean and attractive as possible.  This may mean you might have to spend a little bit of money to get it looking at it’s best…but in the long run, it is worth it because it can have a big impact on the final selling price of your property.

In the opinion of Victoria Gimson, founder of Decorum Interior Design, the color that can help maximize its value is White Ivory.

Ivory walls make a home look more expensive, well maintained, all while providing a blank canvas for potential buyers.   Buyers also see the opportunity to move in quicker without having to cover up the previous owners personal tastes.  This opens the gate to having optimal interest in your house and potentially produce multiple offers.

“Ivory acts as a blank canvas to furniture, artwork and accessories and automatically creates a feeling of space so buyers will feel as though they are getting more for their money” Victoria Gimson

Adding a few pops of color with accessories and furniture can also help accentuate the Ivory color making the house feel more homely.

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